Boost Your Social Posts 

Share your Facebook feed. Tell us about the customers you want to reach. We’ll build your ad, place it on 1000s of sites, and report back. It’s that easy. Try it now!


Reach Your Customers

Target your audience’s interests, demographics, and location to reach new customers now.


Automate Your Creative

Don’t have time to build custom ads? No problem. We’ll take your social feed and build creatives that get clicks.


Set Any Budget

No matter how big or small your ad budget is, we can get you started and show real results. 




Track Performance

Automated reporting, UTM support, and data visualization give you real-time results that help you optimize your business.

See it in action

It’s three easy steps to run a full-fledged ad campaign across your favorite websites and apps. 

Why Try the 3-Minute Campaign?

1. Save Time
We take the complication out of the ad buying process. We take the information about your ideal audience and curate the websites where your message will resonate.
2. Save Money
Custom ads can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. We take your social feeds and build matching display and video ads on the fly.
3. Scale Your Marketing
We show you where your ads are performing and give you the tools you need to keep growing your business.

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